Barry Damsky’s Gospel songs, from his ground-breaking albums, We Declare, Faith Will Get You Through and Hope, continues to gain momentum in his innovative new sound bursting with energy and conviction.

Fountain of Love - Single

True to his rhythmic ground-breaking gospel truths, enjoy Barry’s first exciting and unforgettable single, Fountain of Love. Digital Only Release. 


Singer/songwriter/author Barry Damsky introduces his third gospel album, “Hope!” From the infectious island rhythm of “Thank You Lord”, to the simplicity and profoundness of “The Holy One”, and the encouragement for everyone in the title song; “Hope!”, there are clarity moments in each song that has the ability to alter one’s life. Listen and be filled with true hope, in this uplifting and innovative album, “Hope!”

Faith Will Get You Through​

An exciting follow-up to Barry Damsky’s first uplifting CD, “We Declare”, takes that excitement even further, with this his latest CD, “Faith Will Get You Through.” From his innovative and unique version of the classic, “Give Me That Old Time Religion”, to the remaining 13 songs he wrote, like his JOYFUL, “Jesus Lives”, to the FUN of “Hallelu”, to his POWERFUL, “Is He Your Son, God?”, to the INSPIRING, “America, Land Of The Free” And, MUCH MORE! This CD, “Faith Will Get You Through”, will touch your soul! And by the way, will get you through – beautifully!

We Declare

Singer-songwriter Barry Damsky ushers in an exhilarating new sound full of energy and conviction with his debut CD, “We Declare.” Raised an Orthodox Jew, he explains, “Something was missing. It wasn’t until much later that I realized it was Jesus”.

His life journey, which took him through the depths of despair to the bright light of hope, is expressed in “We Declare,” an unforgettable fusion of contemporary and traditional gospel.

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